Our Mission

haikProject is a community non-profit organization dedicated to improve the lives of children and their families.

While Armenia is a top priority for most of the members of Diaspora,  haikProject aims to address the much neglected issues of our community in Los Angeles.

Founded in 2004 by Medical Anthropologist Astrik Vardanyan and Child Psychiatrist Arthur Pogosyan, haikProject advocates natural childbirth and natural parenting free of birth and childhood traumas.

“5 Crucial Aspects of Childbirth and Childcare” is an ultimate guide for future parents from conception to childhood.

haikProject encourages natural childbirth, prolonged breastfeeding, co-sleeping and discourages infant male circumcision and early umbilical cord clamping.

The mission of haikProject touches upon each and every family.

In fact, it touches the society at large. haikProject aims to prevent rather than spend millions of dollars on treatments.

With the high U.S. rates of infant mortality, exponential growth in autism spectrum disorders and mental retardation, every possible risk should be eliminated.

haikProject has done extensive research to identify those risks. With simple steps much harm can be avoided. All it takes is knowledge and support.

What we do

haikProject disseminates information through:

  • Presentations in academic forums
  • Publications academic and popular magazines
  • TV programs
  • Seminars
  • Individual counseling
  • Group counseling

haikProject  invites all parents and parents-to-be to get engaged, learn and share in monthly seminars.

No parent should ever have to say, I wish I had known…

About us

Astrik Vardanyan, is a Medical Anthropologist, CEO and the co-founder of haikProject.  Vardanyan’s anthropological research emphasis is comparative child rearing practices of various cultures of the world. She propagates attachment parenting style and advocates for more “natural” birth and childcare practices.

Vardanyan  has worked in Armenia and shared her expertise through academic lectures for physicians and nurses.  In collaboration with various Armenian urological and pediatric  associations, she acted as research associate in the development of public health policy by drafting the “Guidelines for Normal and Pathological Foreskin Conditions,” a policy statement  in 2010.

However, as haikProject’s founder, Vardanyan believes that while Armenia is a top priority for most organizations and individuals, there are urgent issues in our own communities that are largely unacknowledged and neglected.

To outreach to younger generation and parents (to-be)  in our own community Vardanyan holds regular community seminars as part of haikProject’s “5 Issues of Childbirth Childcare” series.

Vardanyan gives lectures for students at universities, authors publications and participates in academic forums. Vardanyan also provides  free individual counseling for members of haikProject.

Arthur H. Pogosyan, M.D., Co-founder, Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist. Teamed up with his wife Astrik Vardanyan, Pogosyan champions for the rights and dignity of every child. Dr. Pogosyan is board certified in Psychiatry and Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. He completed his Child & Adolescent Training at UCLA/NPI. He has extensive experience in treating children with history of trauma and abuse, as well as other childhood disorders. Dr. Pogosyan teaches Child Development as an Assistant Clinical Professor since 2000 at UCLA/VA Sepulveda Program.

He gives talks to professionals and public on topics of Normal Development, Patenting and Childhood Mental Disorders. In 2006 he received a Fulbright Senior Specialist Grant and worked in Armenia for 6 weeks. He received another Fulbright lecturer grant and worked in Armenia for one year in 2009. He was the co-host of the “Ponderings” show with Dr. Charles Pilavian on Horizon TV station. Dr. Pogosyan is a consultant at San Gabriel Valley Regional Center, at Eastlake Youth Services. Dr. Pogosyan has a Private Practice in Glendale.

Honorary Board

Dr. Leonard B. Glick, MD, PhD., Professor of Anthropology, Emeritus, Hampshire College, Amherst, Mass

Dr. L. Samsarah Morgan, counselor and child birth educator; director of Birth Professionals of the Bay Area

Dr. Noobar Janoian, MD., All For Health, Health For All, CEO

Dr. Alen Azizian, PhD., USC, Professor

Dr. Hrach Khudatyan, MD, Family Practitioner


Executive Board

Astrik Vardanyan, CEO, HaikProject educational services

Adrineh Ebrahimian, CFO, All For Health, Health for All, CFO

Dr. Arthur Pogosyan, Secretary, Regional Center, Psychiatrist

Razmik Grigorian, Arts and Culture Commissioner, City of Glendale

Anahit Tutunjian, Armenian Women’s Network, Founder

Haik Mesropian, Symantec Corp., software engineer

Ara Haroutounian, Independent Consultant of Organizational Development

Shake Haroutounian, Axia learning, President

Nune Pogosyan, Liberty Mutual, Program Coordinator

Dr. Lisa Manuelian, Therapist in private practice

Standing Committee

Dr. Margaret Serkoshian, Therapist

Azzie Mekhitarian, Yerevan Magazine, Writer/Editor

Vasken Brudian, Independent designer/contractor

Israel Stepanyan, Artology, Art Critic

Siamanto Maronian, New York Life Insurance, Agent

Ara Koulaian, Community Activist

Lina Davidian, Independent Researcher in Archeology


ACWF (haikProject) Timeline of Activities